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to stop hairloss 

and regrow new hair

  • The only one mesopecia product in the world  approved by SCI level journals.

  • Using as No.1 recommended solution by Korean M.D

  • Verified by over 6 years and 500,000 clinical cases.

  • Very high purity and activity.

  • Lyophilized and sterilized powder.

mesopecia solution, hairloss treatment, growth factor

History & Company Profile

As of 15JUL2014, Mediway officially became a joint-stock company with a new name AesMed Co.,Ltd.

AesMed Co.Ltd is the only company selling original SGF-57 in Korea. The original SGF-57 has been accredited with 3 scientific journal and laboratory test.

Currently, AesMed's original SGF-57 is used by 7 University hospitals and over 500 major clinics specilizing in alopecia treatment and hair transplantation.

To fend off imitation products of the original SGF-57, Aesmed has launched the original SGF-57 product with the name 'HR Cytokains' from 01Jan2015.

Philosophy and Product range

Aesmed Co.Ltd is a Korean company situated in Seoul, the capital of Korea, which formulates and provides cosmetic products and sterile medical devices. 

Aesmed  presents a sensational sterile mixtures "SGF-57" hair solution and "Cytokines therapy" using SGF-57, which activates the cellular mechanism of hair follicle and skin.


​Aesmed provides innovative goods with a clear aim: to create and offer a large range of cosmeceutical products and medical devices with an exclusive quality level, based on advanced scientific researches and studies and approved its efficacy. 


Since its birth, Aesmed keeps its philosophy "Create and provide an efficacy-proven products" and maintains a constant relation with Medical Doctors, offering them special consult programmes and a full information about new products, therapies and tendencies. 

Cytokines therapy


With SGF-57, you can perform Cytokines therapy, the leading trend and the most effective hairloss treatment program at your clinic...



SGF-57 contains 7 Growth factors and cytokine which are registered cosmetic ingredients on CTFA as synthetic protein and multi-nutrients to promote the regrowth of hair...

Bioclin line


Bioclin Advance Anti-loss shampoo and Bioclin lines are speciallly formulated to protect the scalp and hair, caracterized with sulfate, paraben and other chemical substances free...

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 5F, Namcheon B/D, 177-1, Jayang-ro, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, Korea, Tel: +82 2 444 0889, Fax: +82  70 8233 0889

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