From Bioclin experience in phyto-dermatology derives

the new Bioclin Phydrium-Advance, the first-technologic anti-loss treatment

with the exclusive Stimoxidil Complex

+ Selected mixtures of vegetable extracts
 (Kingelia, Sage, Gingko Biloba and Cinammon)
 : Improves the local blood microcirculation at bulb and scalp level.

   Soothing action in case of inflammatory processes

+ Potassium CLA Glutathione

   : Anti-oxidant, soothing and anti-aging action

+Partially hydrolized DNA

  : Stimulates the tissues regeneration and reparation processes

STIMOXIDIL - Proven efficacy

In vivo test on 20 volunteers (men and women between 20 and 55 years old) demonstrates that:

  • Hair are more resistant of 40%

  • Hair loss is reduced of 25%

  • Hair vitality is increased


Bioclin Phydrium-Advance Anti-Loss Shampoo is the adjuvant treatment which combats against the process of weakening and loss of hair.


Thanks to its formulation without SLES and SLS, and to the exclusive STIMOXIDIL complex, which acts in synergy with the vitamins of group B and the Phytokeratine, this shampoo:


  • cleanses delicately the hair

  • respects the scalp

  • reinforces the hair structure

  • gives brightness, elasticity and resistance

Find the solution that fits you hair.

Bioclin Line

Sebum regulating shampoo


Suited to cleanse oily hair.Shampoo that act synergistically to regulate the sebum secretion, respecting the hair structure.



1. Normalizes the sebum secretion.

2. Contrasts the action of free radicals

3. Cleanses deeply, without stimulating the activity of sebaceous glands.



More voluminous, softer and brighter hair.


Bioclin Advance Shampoo


Co-adjuvant treatment that contrasts the process of hair weakening and loss.



1. Helps to

    - reactivate the local micro-circulation

    - to stimulate cell regeneration, contrasting premature ageing of hair roots.

2. Performs a strong anti-oxidizing and soothing action

3. Gives strength, shine and elasticity to the hair

4. Performs a conditioning and substantivizing action

5. Cleanses thoroughly, respecting the skin (delicate cleansing system).


The hair is nourished, enriched, looks stronger and more vigorous from roots to ends.

Bioclin shampoo for oily dandruff


Shampoo specifically designed to contrast the problem of dry dandruff, typically characterized by itching and little scurfy scales.



1. Contrasts the formation of dry dandruff, rebalancing the skin and reducing the flaking of the scalp.

2. Contributes to the gradual reduction of dandruff, respecting the structure of the hair.

3. Performs an effective anti-itch, protective and normalizing action.



Strong hair, shining and without dandruff.

Bioclin dandruff shampoo for dry scalp 


Suited to cleanse and treat hair with oily dandruff.

Shampoo specifically designed to contrast the problem of oily dandruff, characterized by intense secretion of sebum, which tends to hold the scales on the scalp.



1. Performs a sebum normalizing and soothing action, moderating the formation of the scaly layers of the scalp

2. Gradually reduce dandruff

3. Rebalance the sebaceous secretions, in full respect of the hair structure.

4. Nourishes and restructures the hair.



Strong hair, shining and without dandruff.

Bioclin shampoo for persistant dandruff


Intensive treatment, specific to prevent the presence and reappearance of persistent dandruff.



1. Contrasts the proliferation of Malassezia Furfur leaven, responsible of the scales production.

2. Promotes a calibrate exfolliating action that allows to eliminate the scales from the scalp.

3. Reduces the sebaceous secretion, irritation and the scales typical of dandruff.

4. Normalizing, astringent and tonic action.



Hair free from scales, scalp purified and rebalanced, itching and redness contrasted.

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