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Cytokines therapy

Cytokines therapy is the most hairloss treatment program based on advanced scientific researches and studies.

The main mechanism of Cytokines therapy is to block DHT activity by inhibiting hair cell apoptosis factors, and to stimulates hair regrowth by activating anagen induce factors. This hairloss stop and hair regrowth stimulating action is performed by a series of cytokines.



[DHT signal and cell apoptosis factors]


  • DHT strongly binds to AR(Androgen Receptor) located in the cytoplasm of the target cells 

  • AR-DHT complex is translocated to the nucleus after dimerization

  • AR coactivators are recruited to the AR-DHT complex, that binds to the androgen-response element, consensus sequence on DNA

  • The coactivators bridge between AR and basal transcription factors including RNA polymerase, resulting in target gene transcription 

  • In response to androgens, Hair DP cells secrete cell apoptosis factors (eg. BMP, DKK-1, TGF-beta, Interleukin-1, TNF-alpha etc...)and these factors, which are catagen trigger, destroy DP cells.

The mechanism of hairloss and hair regrowth mechanism of SGF-57
[Cytokines and Anagen induce]


Researches and studies on hair morphology discovered the expression of molecules in the hair follicle during the hair cycle. These molecules control the hair growth and hair apoptosis. Many of these molecules (eg. Noggin, Wnt, FGF, Notch and neurotrophin families etc...) interact, modulate each other's activites at different levels, proliferates and differentiates the cell of hair follicle acting as anagen inducer.

  • Noggin, BMP antagonist, suppress BMP and cell apoptosis, promotes hair matrix cell and hair precursor cell proliferation and induces new hair growth by stimulating Wnt/β-catenin signal pathway.

  • Growth factors (VEGF, bFGF, SCF, IGF-1, KGF) modulates hair cycle and controls the survival, proliferation and migration of hair cell. 

  • SOD, Super Oxide Dismutase protects hair cells from oxygen stress. 

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