II. Why Post Procedure Cream? 


Aesthetic treatment

After aesthetic treatment (ex. Laser resurfacing, superficial peel or  others…), it is necessary to promote

skin reproduction in a short period of time with little or no side-effect

Procedures for Acne, Whitening, and Anti-wrinkle  


Necessity of Post Procedure Cream  

1.Skin protection, moisturizing, skin suppression. 

2.To restore the skin barrier function 

3.To reduce patient discomforts(pain, erythema, itchiness and tension) 

4.To promote skin proliferation & remodeling 

5.To help HSP(heat shock protein)  

6.To promote efficacy by whitening and anti wrinkle agents  

7.To prevent postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) 

8.Anti-oxidant, -inflammation, -and microbial 

9.Non-comedogenic, Free of paraben, surfactant and chemical emulsifier  


Strength of MEDIWAY PP Cream.  

 ALL IN ONE care : It has all of the essential functions for post procedure in one cream :

◦Skin barrier recovery





◦Relief of pain

◦Repair& protection of heat shock protein

◦Reduction of redness & erythema

◦Reduction of itching & irritation 





Safe formulation to be applied onto the open wound

1.Verified safe formulation  over 7 years

2.Free of paraben, surfactant and chemical emulsifier

3.Added natural preservative (Sodium Bonzoate, Potassium Pantothenate)

4.Free of chemical fragrance and colorant induced allergy



Upgraded Formulation for the best effect

1.High integration for SLC (Skin Lipid Complex)

2.Formula with high purity pharmaceutical ingredients

3.Added certified organic aloe-vera

4.Registered as ‘Certificated cosmetic for whitening function’  by KFDA

5.No segregation of ingredients by improved  safe formulation

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